Paper Selection Committee

Session 1:

Disposal of radioactive residues from nuclear facilities in operation

• Classification of residues
• Conditioning and packaging of radioactive residues
• Decontamination
• Free release measuring techniques
• Free release and disposal
• Interim storage on-site

Wolfgang Blaser

Dr. Peter Bauder
Hans-Jürgen Blenski
Dr. Stephan Halaszovich
Dr. Günter Petzold
Reinhard Pfeiffer
Rudolf-Josef Printz
Dr. Anton von Gunten

Session 2:

Decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities

• Preparatory measures for decommissioning
• Dismantling concepts (including approval)
• Dismantling techniques
• Conditioning of radioactive residues
• Decontamination
• Free release and disposal

Dr. Helmut Steiner

Kurt Ebbinghaus
Udo Helwig
Peter Hildwein
Iris Hillebrand
Dr. Dietrich Mertin
Wolfgang Pfeifer

Session 3:

New technologies and systems for the conditioning of operational and decommissioning wastes

• Waste avoidance
• Waste minimization
• Waste treatment

Rudolf Finkbeiner

Prof. Dr. F.-W. Bach
Dr. Jürgen Lempert
Dr. Christoph Lierse
Andreas Roth
Michael Szukala
Dr. Ralf Versemann

Session 4:

Experiences with conditioned radioactive wastes in interim
and final storage

• Product control of waste packages
• Transport and transport provision
• Operational experience
• Future requirements for the conditioning
• Concepts and techniques for storage
• Packaging and handling techniques

Dr. Heinz Geiser

Dr. Peter Brennecke
Dr. Heinz Kröger
Dr. Reinhard Odoj
Luis Valencia

BMBF Dr. Helmut Bossy
Dr. Reiner Papp
Dr. Ralf Versemann